First episode, Sunday 1st November, 9pm BBC1

that’s right, the first episode of the much anticipated Garrow’s Law will be on the screens in a matter of days.

This is from the twentytwenty website:

Andrew Buchan (Cranford, Party Animals), Alun Armstrong (New Tricks, Little Dorrit) and Lyndsey Marshall (Rome) star in a new four-part legal drama inspired by the life of pioneering barrister William Garrow on BBC One.

Garrow’s Law is set in the Old Bailey of Georgian London against a backdrop of corruption and social injustice and is based on real legal cases from the late 18th century.

Each one-hour episode begins with the investigation of a case sourced from the Old Bailey archives from the day, from rape and murder to high treason and corruption, and follows Garrow (Buchan) and his associate Southouse (Armstrong) working to uncover the truth or fight for justice.

In an age where the defence counsel acted in the minority of cases, the young Garrow championed the underdog and pioneered the rigorous cross-examination of prosecution witnesses that paved the way for our modern legal system of today.

“A gifted maverick, at times arrogant and with a burning sense of destiny, Garrow is driven to change the nature of the trial against a backdrop of social and political upheaval,” says Jamie Isaacs, Executive Producer,Twenty Twenty Television.

Co-created by Tony Marchant (The Knight’s Tale, Holding On, Crime And Punishment), Garrow’s Law is a Twenty Twenty/Shed Media Scotlandproduction for BBC One.

The series was commissioned by Mark Bell, the BBC’s Commissioning Editor for Arts, for BBC Knowledge.

Mark Bell says: “It is a great privilege to be bringing history to life for BBC One in this way. Garrow made the law as we know it.

“His is a thrilling and dramatic story, brilliantly re-imagined in this script.”

Jay Hunt, Controller, BBC One, says: “It’s a fantastic collaboration between factual and drama to create an immersive history piece which should also feel like a period drama.”


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