RTS Awards – Garrow’s Law wins!

Hi everyone,

I was at the RTS awards last night and I am pleased to report that Garrow’s Law scooped the History prize!

It was the first time I’d gone to an award ceremony and it was a lot of fun. I arrived at the Grovesnor House Hotel on Park Lane at 7.00 and went to the bar to meet the rest of the team.  We had a great spread of people including Lady Sarah Hill (Lyndsey Marshal)and the Director (Peter Lydon) representing the show.  After a quick drink, we were ushered down to the floor to take our places at the table.

I kept my menu, so if you’re interested, we had the following: Wild mushroom and basil ravioli; Lamb ;Lime creme brulee; coffee.  The tables were also very well stocked with wine!

The History award came around quickly.  We were competing against the exciting 1066 – The Battle for MIddle Earth, and the outstanding Iran and the West. They showed clips of each entry.  For Garrow’s they showed the clip from episode one where Garrow cross examines a witness in the infanticide trial – you know the one, he yells ‘my client’s life is at stake’.

And then host Rob Brydon read out the jury’s comments, which were really complimentary, but I can’t remember what they were!  And then, boom, the winner is, Garrow’s Law.  The producer, Dominic Barlow, Exec Producer, Jamie Issacs, Co-creator and writer, Tony Marchant, and the BBC Commissioning Editor Mark Bell all went up to collect the award.  There were many many people to get through so there were no speeches!

I took a few photos which I’ll upload when I have the film developed.

I’m really thrilled that we won, and let’s hope that this cements and second, and, hey, why not even a third series!

with best wishes



4 Responses to RTS Awards – Garrow’s Law wins!

  1. Erastes says:

    Oh that’s excellent – well done, and well deserved!

  2. Liz Hanbury says:

    Fabulous news! Well done to you and the rest of the Garrow’s Law team. Thanks for the report and look forward to seeing the photos later :0)

  3. Molly Joyful says:

    I cheered very loud when I caught the news on the RTS feed last night. Well done, everybody, here’s to as many series as possible! 🙂

  4. judith says:

    Great news! So glad that the whole team have been given the recognition they deserve for producing such a wonderful and compelling drama.
    A rosy glow has descended, and I look forward with anticipation to the photos – and the next series!

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