It’s official: Garrow’s coming back

hi everyone,

I am delighted to let you know that Garrow’s Law is coming back!  The Executive Producer, Dominic Barlow was on Points of View and he said

“we’ve been commissioned for a second series we’ll start filming in late june for another 4 Episodes hopefully for transmission late this year.”

Check it out!

We’ve got loads of great stuff on the way!!


6 Responses to It’s official: Garrow’s coming back

  1. Molly Joyful says:

    Thanks so much for this entry; I’m sure you can imagine how happy we all are.

    >We’ve got loads of great stuff on the way!!

    No doubt! 🙂

  2. judith c says:

    I’m overjoyed to read this news. It’s really tremendous and I’m greatly looking forward to the second season.

    Must admit though I had been quietly confident. I couldn’t see how they could fail to commision another series when all the feedback on the original was so positive – my only concern had been how long it would take to make the decision!

  3. Viktorslady says:

    This is great news! Welcome back, Garrow!

  4. […] we reviewed here. We have been reading here and there about a possible second series and finally it has been confirmed by the legal and historical consultant of the series. It’s not an official BBC announcement […]

  5. Judy says:

    Wow, great news – I’d been hoping there would be more!

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