First review of series II

Hi everyone,

We had the press screening of the first epsiode of Garrow’s Law earlier this week.  And, hot off the starting blocks, the first review has appeared: ‘Garrow’s Law returns as a richer and bolder show.’

Hold onto your hats, only a few weeks to go before transmission!


4 Responses to First review of series II

  1. erastes says:

    Can’t wait! 😀

  2. Zebedee says:

    it’s going to be so amazing!!! xD

  3. Alex Gibson says:

    Dear Mark

    Our members are all very excited that the second series will soon be aired – it is very good news indeed.

    You may be interested in joining our Garrow Society group, which includes historians and direct descendants of Garrow. Any new members are welcome, but we would be honoured if you would consider joining.

    We are interested in the historical and legal influence and legacy of Willian Garrow. There is also a Garrow family tree on our website which we encourage descendants of Garrow to add to if they have any missing information.

    We are also trying to get some discussion going in the forums, although they are a little light at present!

    Best Wishes

    The Garrow Society

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