Find out more about the Zong and slavery


In addition to the links and the text I’ve written on the BBC pages about the Zong,

here are some other really cool ones:

1) Dramatization of  Granville Sharp’s letters about the Zong incident

2) National Maritime Museum papers on the Zong – why not go for a visit and see the real papers yourself – it is absolutely fascinating

3) This is really interesting: The Journal of Legal History, Volume 28 Issue 3 2007, Zong Symposium (subscription required)

4 )  Understanding Slavery Briefing pack including reference to Act of Parliament in 1790 that resulted from the Zong Case.‘no+loss+or+damage+shall+be+recoverable+on+account+of+the+mortality+of+slaves+by+natural+death+or+ill+treatment,+or+against+loss+by+throwing+overboard+of+slaves+on+any+account+whatsoever’&hl=en&gl=uk&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgOhrjr75jh2RTn2s47b2u6GMucX2E-q6Y23xkjiTWy709NqzkdSgDxxZyz-DHiZKL4RZojEjEt4B1_3sGxms5KQ129j_TNPm6NfR7SbPy0KesWquPh3roTZqb0-1v7Fzjv-Lc8&sig=AHIEtbQCwGKqEGFb3Evim_a7c40N8WH3FA

5) National Archives – The Somerset Ruling

6) English Heritage – Slavery and the Law

7) Case of insurance fraud at the Old Bailey – sentence is death!

Case of Edward Gilson 1807

8 ) What is a ‘Hulk Ship’?

9) What is a recommendation to mercy?

10) Where was the original Zong case heard? The Guildhall

11) What about Garrow and Slavey? Geoffrey Robertson Preface to Garrow Biography

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  1. […] Mark Pallis has posted an extensive link list about The Zong and slavery. […]

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