Garrow Mini documentary

Morning all,

Here is an exclusive sneak peek at the Documentary that will be included as a bonus feature to the DVD of series 2 of Garrow’s Law:

The full film is 25 minutes’ duration and features clips from the series and also interviews with:

John Hostettler, Author of the first biography to be written about Garrow;

Guy Holborn, The Librarian, Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, who shows us some of the original Garrow documents from the Inn’s archive;

Prof. Tim Hitchcock, Co-Director of

Nick Pitt, Producer, Garrow’s Law

Mark Pallis (that’s me!), Story Editor and Legal & Historical Consultant

Damian Wayling, Writer, Garrow’s Law, Episode 4

The film was written and directed by me, and Shot, Edited and Produced  by the fantastic with music produced by star Hollywood composer Patrick Kirst

3 Responses to Garrow Mini documentary

  1. judith charters says:

    It was quite a rollercoaster of an episoce last night.
    I found it hard to keep up at times – especially when the lines were delivered quickly and sometimes not very distincly.
    However a second viewing has filled in all the blanks and I can hardly wait until next week – it looks like it will be a humdinger.
    That means though that it is the end of another all-too-brief series and we are back to ‘will they, won’t they’ make another. It seems like no time since we were saying the same thing last year!
    At least we have the DVD to look forward to and all the links to explore.

  2. Irene says:

    I really do hope there will be another series of Garrow’s Law. I was glued to the TV – unusual for me as I find BBC 1 a bit ‘rubbishy.’ However, although Andrew Buchan gives a great performance playing Garrow, He might think of slowing his speech a little, he will then have more time to act out the sentences. It would flow more naturally.

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