Confirmation of a third series?

Hi everyone,

Did you read the Guardian today?

“Garrow’s Law, which dramatises 18th-century court cases at the Old Bailey, a surprise hit in 2009, returned for a four-part run in December on BBC1. It won 5 million viewers, in the most competitive Sunday evening slots, and an audience appreciation score of 90%.

This is thanks to Tony Marchant’s vivid scripts and Andrew Buchan’s performance as the eponymous barrister championing the poor, who introduced the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”. The production team argued for a longer third series to milk the Old Bailey archives, but have just heard they have four episodes once again. Criminal!”


34 Responses to Confirmation of a third series?

  1. Molly Joyful says:

    That’s fantastic news, though I’d loved to have six or eight episodes. But I won’t complain! Now I hope we’ll soon get an official confirmation! I trust you’ll be involved again?

  2. Meredith says:

    I hope this is true! A longer series would be fantastic, but I’ll take as much Garrow’s Law as the powers that be will give. I’ll be watching this space!

  3. judith charters says:

    Hi Mark,

    Tremendous news, hopefully you’ll confirm once it’s
    I have been enjoying re-visiting series 2 with the recently-released DVD and noted with interest the reasons given for Garrow’s disappearance from history in the mini documentary.
    I remember reading that, prior to the show, Garrow was better known in the USA than here. Do you know if this is true?

  4. Garrowfan says:

    Great news! I hope it will be officially confirmed soon.

    I would have liked more episodes–more interesting law cases– but better four than nothing.

  5. judith charters says:

    Absolutely right Garrowfan.

    I’m sure we are all fascinated with the law cases and would love more.
    Unfortunately with a freeze in the license fee we will have to put up with being drip fed but I would gladly have paid extra for more.

  6. Mrs Silvester says:

    It is very exciting news; hopefully there will indeed be a 3rd series. I am a law student and have loved every episode of Garrow’s Law. Series 1 was fanastic, and series 2 sensational. It is great that the Old Bailey archives have been used so such an extent, as they provide a rich source of material and lend to the authenticity of the writing.

    Roll on series 3!

  7. Heather says:

    I live in the US and am just starting to watch the DVD of Series 1/Season 1. Never heard of Garrow until now and it’s fascinating to get a flavor of how the law worked before the Industrial Revolution. Sadly, the only thing I don’t care for is the Lady Sarah/Garrow scenes-but the trial scenes and his partnership with the attorney more than make up for it. Admit to be a little confused over the barrister/attorney differences as it’s different than American law courts.

    I swear there is a law that Rupert Graves and Alum Armstrong have to be on telly at least once a season. Rupert just might be the new David Tennant as he’s been on Sherlock, Wallaner, Lewis and Gallow’s Law!

    • judith charters says:

      Glad to hear that Garrows Law has reached the US.

      People will have to get used to the Lady Sarah scenes though as she features more as time passes – Garrow was as ‘irregular’ in his approach to his private life as he was to his professional life.

  8. Heather says:

    That should be Garrow’s Law in the final sentence.

  9. Margaret says:

    I have a question about the last episode in Series 2. My PVR stopped recording a minute or two before the end. I heard the “guilty” verdict and then….nothing!! What was the rest of the verdict? I’m guessing damages of a pound?

    • judith says:

      Damages of one shilling!

      Garrow thought this “a very good price” to have paid for Sarah, but it is at the cost of a life she would otherwise have lived with her son.
      The way is left open for a third series as Sarah comments that they are “not Beaten” where her son is concerned.

  10. Aidan McArdle is excellent as Garrow’s nemesis Sylvester

  11. Amy says:

    I am thirteen, and I cannot get enough of Garrow’s Law!! It is my favourite show of all time!! As soon as you get more news on will happen in the third series, please share!! My friends all think I’m stupid… but I love the vivid scripts and the amazing acting from Andrew Buchan, he has the ability to convey his emotions really well!

    • Mark Pallis says:

      Hi Amy,

      I am so pleased that you enjoy the show. Of course I will be sure to let everyone know when I get more information. In fact, at this very moment I am working on series 3, trying to figure out what’s going to happen!

      I’m sorry that your friends think you’re stupid, I think that you have great taste in television.

      with best wishes


  12. Mrs Silvester says:

    I agree with Caroline Rundell 🙂 In fact, all the casting for the series is excellent – all the actors are very convincing and a joy to watch!

    That’s great news that you are working on Series 3 Mark – good luck! Given that the past two series have been so excellent, I’m sure we all have high expectations! No pressure!

    I have been re-watching my Garrow’s Law DVDs, and I have a question about series 2. In the first episode, when Mr Southouse is in the coach on the way to Liverpool, there is a shot of his journey and what looks like a cage of some sort hanging from a tree – I wondered if this is connected with slavery in some way, perhaps a kind of punishment? I was just curious as to what it could be.

    Many thanks.

    • judith says:

      I thought it was a type of gibbet where the body of a hanged miscreant was displayed as a warning to others.

  13. Mark says:

    That’s right!

  14. Mrs Silvester says:

    Thanks 🙂

  15. judith says:

    Hi Mark,
    I imagine you’ve been very busy writing of late.
    Is there any definate news yet about a 3rd series or when are we likely to know?

    • Meredith says:

      Judith: They’re in the casting stage at least, so things are looking very good! An agent recently tweeted congratulations to their actress who won a particular role (what appears to be an actual historical character) in Garrow’s Law’s upcoming series, and another actor tweeted about going to an audition for a part “with Garrow” just yesterday.

      Oh, and on a completely different note, I for one LOVE the relationship between Will and Sarah. Even if it wasn’t based in historical fact, I’d still want to see more of how their “irregular” alliance develops. I can’t wait to find out what happens with Samuel, and if they visit Pegwell Bay, and just in general what the heck do our lovebirds do now? 🙂

  16. judith says:

    Thanks Meredith for your update – something more definite to look forward to
    at last.

    Yes, I’m in agreement about Sarah and William’s relationship.

    He must have been very special for her to leave one of the richest men in the country for the penniless law student he was when they met.

  17. Mark Pallis says:

    Very interesting to see what’s on Twitter! Thanks for sharing. By the way, I’m planning on doing a a bit of a tidy up of this site soon so that it’s easier to navigate. Best wishes Mark

  18. Mrs Silvester says:

    Here’s something which will be interesting to fellow Garrow fans:

    Sad to hear Garrow is facing hard times!


  19. Claire Chopko says:

    Oh, I love Garrow’s Law…The story lines are facinating (case studies coupled with tight, sparce writing), the characters, three dementional but the people responsible for make-up, costuming and set design have created an atmosphere that is so layered and textured so as to make the dialogue and the characters live! As for the actors, it is obvious that the entire cast to a man (or woman)is dedicated to the best performance they can render…What an outstanding cast!

  20. Mary says:

    I’ve been searching for news as my local PBS channel has only shown a few episodes very irregularly, and I’ve never seen the last 3 of the second season.

    It is a joy to watch, and all involved should be congratulated. I’m very happy to hear it is filming again and cannot wait to see William again.

    And thank you for the blog as its nice to hear your thoughts.

  21. Miroku says:

    What a great news! I’ve just finished last two seasons and then learned this fantastic news. Thanks for sharing and I’m looking foward to it!

  22. judith says:

    Has anyone got news about when a third series is likely to be screened?
    I’d hoped for something definite by now.

  23. caroline rundell says:

    its been late november/december the last two series

  24. Mark Pallis says:

    Hi Judith,

    I don’t have any actual dates, but I’m expecting it to be around that time too. Just to let you know, I’ve seen some bits of the new episodes and they’re looking fantastic – I think this is going to be the best series yet!


  25. judith says:

    Thanks Mark. Great news!

  26. Garrowfan says:

    I just can’t wait!

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