Garrow’s Law goes stateside


Garrow’s law is currently showing in various parts of America.  Check out the trailer!



3 Responses to Garrow’s Law goes stateside

  1. Mrs Silvester says:

    That’s great news. I’m sure Garrow’s Law will be very successful over in the US!

  2. Mrs Silvester says:

    Hi, I’m not sure where would be best to post this, but I recently stumbled across some excellent BBC Radio 4 programmes from a series called “Voices From the Old Bailey” (series 2). Historian Amanda Vickery is looking at 18th century culture through some of the court cases of the time. The programmes focus on riots, the lives of gay men in the 18th century, servants and ordinary people.

    The link to listen to all the programmes is:

    For each individual programme there are also useful links, including a link to the actual cases on OldBailey Online, and a users guide to using the site. Here is the page with links to the cases discussed in the riot programme:

    There is also a blog:

    It all makes for very interesting listening and gives an excellent flavour of the times. I think the dramatised recordings of the witness testimonies are great. One of the co-founders of OldBailey Online is a contributor to the first programme, and he sums things up very well at the end. He states that the cases of the Old Bailey give people who otherwise would not be heard (because they could not read or write) a voice, and this allows us to hear them and empathise with them.

    • Mark Pallis says:

      Thanks. I really enjoy listening to that show. I’m going to re-post your article so that it gets more prominence. thanks very much for sharing your thoughts. with best wishes Mark

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