Put your questions to the cast! (via me)

Hi everyone,

We have a closed screening of Episode 1 of Garrow’s Law series III in a few weeks. Some of the cast are going to be there – not exactly sure who yet. I’m also going along so …. if anyone has any burning things they’d like to ask anyone in the cast, do post them below and I will endeavour to get  some of them answered for you! I can’t promise that I’ll get to ask them, but I do promise to try!

with best wishes


22 Responses to Put your questions to the cast! (via me)

  1. demurely1 says:

    Does this count as the “official” announcement that there will be a series 3? I’d love to know when the series will be aired – and so would all the other Garrowians out here! How do the cast feel about the BBC’s apparent complete lack of promotion of this (thus far) brilliantly written and superbly acted series?

    • Mark Pallis says:

      Hi Demurely1,

      Thanks for your comment. The official word on Series III went out a long time ago so far as I am aware. It’s certainly all been filmed – I was up on set on the last day shooting another mini-documentary for the DVD bonus features.

      I’m not up on these things, but it’s always been my understanding that it should be on in its usual slot, which is mid to late November. Thanks also for the suggested question – hopefully by the time of the screening there will have been lots of promotion!

      with best wishes


      • demurely1 says:

        Hi Mark
        You may have noticed that the BBC (finally) issued the GL3 press release yesterday – yay! So I thought I’d revisit some possible questions to ask. The first one is for the cast, generally:
        The production of GL is impressively authentic for 18th century costume, etiquette and language. Which of these do the cast feel is the most difficult to master?
        This question is for Andrew Buchan:
        You have now spent a significant part of three summers with hair extensions – does it get any easier?

        Thanks for offering this opportunity!


  2. Irene says:

    It would be nice if Andrew Buchan could to be interviewed by The One Show before, or during, the time Garrow’s Law 3 is being shown on BBC1. Any possibility? We have heard nothing from him for absolutely AGES!

  3. Mark Pallis says:

    Thanks Irene. I will pass that on.

  4. Irene says:

    Hi again!
    I was just wondering – are you in any way able to get through to the BBC with regard to scheduling of TV programs?
    If so, could you ask them to repeat the first two series of Garrows’ Law on BBC4? (Including series three of course). I have tried but not got through.

    The reason I ask, is because I could hardly believe it, when mentioning Garrow’s Law to some lawyer friends of ours (one of them a QC!), and they hadn’t even heard of it. Since it was in November it is likely they may have been on holiday abroad – but just as likely because of under promotion by the BBC.

    Best wishes

    P.S. If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re a bloke, I’d have asked you to give AB a hug and a kiss from me – I like him so – but I’m sure he has enough troubles as it is. (And as I am sure you want to hold on to your job, I won’t insist you do!). (:-)))

  5. Jason says:

    Hi Mark,

    Just to repeat Irene’s question as well please! I’m an LL.B student with an interest in legal history, I’ve loved the first two series and hope theres loads more to come.


  6. Meredith says:

    (1) Favorite and least favorite thing about working on Garrow’s Law? (I imagine they’ll all say period costume in summer as the worst thing!)

    (2) Please say that you’ll be returning for series 4 and beyond!

    (3) How do you like the convoluted, almost Shakespearean lines you’re given? Does it become almost second nature to talk like that after awhile?

    My other questions would depend on who goes to the screening. But the most pressing question I have is actually one for you, Mark!

    I’ve been wondering how the cases go from history to script, and the collaboration between yourself and Tony Marchant. Do you give him a great stack of cases to choose from and he goes with whatever fits the theme he’s trying to convey? Or does he give an outline of the kind of things going on in Garrow’s life and the types of issues he wants to write about and you find cases related to that? Or is it a kind of back and forth writing process? Or…?

    Because one of the (many) things that impresses me about Garrow’s Law is the way it all fits together thematically. Especially in series 2, there’s (1) a linear build-up in the overarching personal story, (2) an exploration of facets of that story through the “A” and “B” court cases, and (3) (sometimes eerie) parallels drawn with issues faced today. That’s a lot of balls to juggle, all whist being thoroughly entertaining and not a bit didactic. As Southouse would say, it’s “quite commendable!” I’m curious as to how that magic happens.

    • Mark Pallis says:

      Hi Meredith,

      Thanks for those, I’ll see what I can do!

      As for the question for me, I’ll give you an example that hopefully answers all the bits of the question. Right back when I was putting the document together for the original show back in 2008, I put in a number of cases that illustrated Garrow and his times. One of those cases is going to be in this coming series. I won’t say which! But what’s interesting is that we considered it for series 1 and for series 2, but ruled it out because we thought it didn’t quite mesh with what we were trying to say about Garrow in that particular show. This time around, we felt that all the elements came together to make now the perfect time to tell the case. But yes, we do put a lot of thought into finding the right cases and them working it all out, so I’m really glad you appreciate it!

      When I write the blog posts for each episode, I’ll try and remember to put in a little bit about how and why we came to use each case.

      with best wishes


  7. Ronnieeeeeeee says:

    Hi Mark,
    Unfortunately we cannot make it along to the closed screening of Garrow’s Law 3 but can you pass on this video message to the cast and crew from the Two Ronnies who were extras on the set.

    (Garrow’s Law Extras Ensemble – GLEE Club)

  8. judith says:


    It’s good to learn that the BBC have issued something definite about the third series – I’ve searched repeatedly on the website without finding anything.

    About questions for the cast;
    Which items of costume do they like/loathe wearing?
    Which episodes to date have they enjoyed doing the most and why?

    Hope the session goes well.

    Can’t wait to see series 3 – the anticipation is excruciating.

  9. Richard Braby says:

    Has Lyndsey Marshal (Lady Sarah) seen the beautiful picture of the historic Sarah, a large pastel by John Russell in the Rothchild Collection at Waddesdon Manor, the historic trust property? If not, she could check it out on the Sarah Dore Detective Club entry on the Garrow Society Website.
    Richard Braby, a direct descendent of the mysterious Sarah Garrow.

  10. Joesph Anthony McKenna says:

    Do the cast empathise with their characters, to the point it becomes easy to relate to them, even if they are ‘the bad guys’?

  11. William Lee says:

    We are Americans who love the show and would like to know when series 3 will be available on DVD. Keep up the great work. It’s a wonderful show–very smart and visually stunning. Thanks!

    • Mark Pallis says:

      Thanks. It’s normally out in January, but it may take a little longer for the US version. It’s worth checking Amazon, as the pre order button will show exact release date in a few months.

      with best wishes


  12. maggie roberts says:

    I am excited and delighted that there is a thired series. It is a brilliant production with wonderful actors especially the principal six. Thankyou so much. I only wish there was more of the quality on television

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