New article on Garrow Society website

Good afternoon everyone,

Two things: My friends at the  Garrow Society have just posted a new and interesting article by His Honour John Wroath called: Garrow’s Law and the Real Story of Women’s Rights.  I heartily recommend it.  More to come on this in my piece on inspirations for Episode 2 coming soon.

The second thing isn’t Garrow related, but is fun and important. In addition to my work on Garrow’s Law, I also write and direct tv commercials. I wrote and directed this 60 second viral, which has just been released and aims to raise awareness of mens’ testicular cancer during the month of “Movember” (  Enjoy the dance, all in a good cause!


2 Responses to New article on Garrow Society website

  1. Irene says:

    Couldn’t resist leaving a comment…
    The men in your commercial are all young – no problem – except older guys can also suffer with this devastating cancer.
    I thought of leaving an anecdote with you – if you can make anything of it, use it. If not, just delete.

    Years ago, when I was ‘young,’ I worked for a charity. A retired army colonel also worked there. Now – he left the Army because he’d been shot at a few times – not because of womanising (although I had my suspicions – as at times he reminded me of an alley cat!).

    It was his 55th birthday and we got him a card and cake for the afternoon tea break. “I just realise,” he puffed, “…that from tomorrow I’ll be nearer 60 than 50.”
    “Oh,dear,” said I, “perhaps we ought to take you to the vet and have you put down.”
    “No way! I’m not going to the vet – worse things can happen to you at the vet’s than being put down!”

    Naturally, we girls couldn’t think of what that could be.

    However, the fact is a man can lose his ‘credentials’ at any time in life. For an animal to lose his is regarded as healthy – but for mankind, not so.

    • Mark Pallis says:

      Thanks for sharing. You’re right that they’re young. I was motivated by the fact that testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged between 15 and 44, so I wanted something to raise awareness in the younger people, but you’re right that it can affect men of all ages.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      best wishes


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