Inspirations for Episode 3, series 3

Good evening,

Here are the notes on some of the many inspirations for Episode 3.

I hope you find it interesting, but I do advise waiting until after the show to read them!

Please do feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts.

with best wishes


9 Responses to Inspirations for Episode 3, series 3

  1. melanie Telford says:

    As always I am loving this programme.
    I am enjoying the dual themes running through and the comparisons of injustice towards women and their role and place in white male dominated society … the possession of the child , with lady Sarah…. and the injustices of the black slave etc. All around the issues of property…..
    What are the true references around the issues with child’s custody?
    and also when were women first allowed on a jury ?

  2. Mark Pallis says:

    Thanks for your email Melanie. I’m really delighted you are enjoying the show. What you see on screen is, I’m afraid, a pretty accurate statement of how it was in those days. Incredible isn’t it! You can find out more by going to the BBC Garrow’s Law website (link in previous post) and looking at my notes on Inspirations for Episode 2, Series III. There, you will also see a link to an excellent article on the Garrow Society website. If you still want to find out more after that, I suggest you read an excellent book called Until they are seven: the origin of women’s legal rights.

    with best wishes


    • melanie Telford says:

      Wow – Mark thanks for your very prompt response. I will look all that stuff up. I have to say i don’t usually watch much TV but what with Garrow Law and the very different The Killing I am becoming a bit of an addict!

  3. Irene says:

    Hello Mark,
    At last I feel AB has pitched his voice more accurately to the character. He was good before, (that is if Mr. Garrow was as highly strung as the writers assume), but in this episode 3 he was excellent. He took time to form the sentences, and overall the timing was better – generally there was an improvement all round.

    Sad about Southouse though – I didn’t expect him to die! How could you kill him off so soon? I rather liked the old geezer.

    And Mark – is it your voice we hear on the video showing Andrew as he arrives for work? Well… whoever it is – that man has got a very pleasant voice and would do well narrating other programmes too.

    Best wishes

  4. Mark Pallis says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Irene. Sorry about Mr Southouse! He’ll be greatly missed.

    Alas the voice is not me, it’s an actor called Daniel Millar. However, I do make an appearance in the previous film (Garrow’s Law: Fact and Fiction). I will pass your compliment on to Daniel.

    with best wishes


  5. zagorka says:

    Southouse will be missed – I really expected him to recover! I will miss him advising and guiding Garrow. Still, a wonderful, atmospheric and poignant episode.

  6. Irene says:

    Ah, yes, Mark – I did see you, some time ago, when I first watched that video – and you too have a nice voice.

    However, I think Garrow’s Law (the series) ought to be made available for use by schools. Although not historically accurate, it’ll still give students studying history some idea of what life was like in the 18th century – and how lucky WE are who live now and not then!

  7. Lauren says:

    Why, oh why did Mr. Southouse have to die. He was the heart and soul of the series. I’m a little aprehensive about watching episode 4. I’m not sure how I will feel about the series now that Mr. Southouse is gone.

  8. sarah says:

    Who does the costume design? what do they do with them when they are not being used anymore?

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