Episode 4 inspirations now online

Good afternoon,

The inspirations for Episode 4, Series III of Garrow’s Law are now online.


Enjoy, but if you don’t want to spoil the surprise, I suggest you wait until after the Episode before reading them!

with best wishes


10 Responses to Episode 4 inspirations now online

  1. Irene says:

    I found the ending to this series 3 very good. I just hope the BBC will allow a 4th series next year – or earlier if they can.

    The acting was very good from all the actors – the story line was easy to follow – and I’ve liked the music right from the beginning – both the introductory tune as well as the incidental music throughout. It fitted well with the mood of each scene.

    Now, the guy who plays Southouse’s nephew (I’ve yet to know his name) played his role very well too, and I think he slipped well into becoming Garrow’s assistant. (Remembering also that Mr. Garrow had to plead a few times with Mr. Southouse before he allowed him into the court room).

    I also like the way some scenes are filmed – long shots, rather than close-ups. I find the initial visual information from a long shot is helpful in knowing what the scene is about before the conversational close-up. I don’t know if I’ve explained myself well enough, but I hope you get the gist of it. If not – get back to me!

    • Helen Kelley says:

      I am sitting here in New York, wishing with all my might for a Season 4 of Garrow’s Law. There is a growing audience in the States for Garrow’s Law, and I for one am sitting on the edge of my seat hungering for more of this type of quality programming. Has anyone heard of any rumors about a Season 4, and hopefully not for the fall of 2012. The acting is outstanding; the story lines hold your attention; the sets & costuming take me back to another era. You guys in Great Britain have a winner in Garrow’s Law!

      • Mark Pallis says:

        Thanks very much Helen. I’m delighted you enjoyed the series. No news on Series IV yet, but I will post the info here as soon as I hear anything either way.
        with best wishes

  2. Garrowfan says:

    Loved this series!(Though I am sad about Mr. S. of course).

    A few loose ends– still a bit ambitious, Mr. Garrow? sitting on the Judges’s chair?
    Is Samuel now officially a bastard, as I guess there was no divorce yet?
    And do we get more Politics less law next series?( There better be one!)

    I know you can’t possibly comment on a fourth series, Mark, but can you give a heads-up if it will be?

    I always studied the spoilers in advance and was still surprised by some storylines. Thanks for your efforts!

  3. judith says:

    Yes, a tremendous series with a great ending.
    Lots of possibilities to look forward to, Politics and The Bench, as well as Samuel hopefully growing up a little. (He seemed to stay as a babe in arms for a long time this series).

    Thanks to everyone in the team.
    Alas, a too-short series over too quickly as usual.

    Bring on the next series!

  4. AIDAN TURNER says:

    The best BBC drama this year by far. A worthy match for “Downton”. Hope there will be another series.

    • Irene says:

      I should think Garrow’s Law far better scripted and acted out than Downton – and although both are from quaintly different eras – Garrow’s Law has got far more guts, and the story line strangely enough more believable!

  5. Peter Henry says:

    Episode 4
    This episode could not help but notice that the actions of the police force of the time bore such a resemblance to how our current police force operate, thing back to the riots, apart from that the series is one of the best put on by the bbc, the english language has always been a rather well crafted language until one goes into london present day.

  6. zagorka says:

    Wonderful series – but only four episodes… I hope there will be series 4!

  7. Debra says:

    I will echo what so many others have posted: SEASON 4.

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