Garrow’s Law Series 4 update…

Hi everyone,

I have had lots of questions asking about series 4 of Garrow’s Law.  According to a recent statement from the BBC, the “jury’s still out”.   A number of people have asked me who they should contact to ask for another series.  I have looked into it and the best way is to either leave a message on the BBC points of view messageboard  or to email them directly

I hope this is helpful.  As far as I am aware, the BBC do take the viewers comments into consideration, so if you do want to see another series, it may well be worth firing off a quick email.

with best wishes


53 Responses to Garrow’s Law Series 4 update…

  1. Irene says:

    I don’t know – but getting through to the BBC about them producing quality drama, as well as light entertainment, I feel like a dentist with a limp wrist trying to pull teeth from a moving horse!

    Remember the days when a series was no less than 12 weeks? They were quality programmes, which are still shown today.

  2. […] Pallis posted regarding the fate of a fourth series for “Garrow’s Law”, “according to a […]

  3. Molly Joyful says:

    Consider it done!

  4. Nick D. says:

    Glad to send the BBC an email. Hope very much there’ll be another series, it’s one of the most stimulating and enjoyable shows of recent years, really done with care, conviction and flair. Unfortunately here in the U.S. PBS failed to pick it up for national broadcast, but it has aired in selected localities, and the first 2 series are out on DVD – all to very positive response. Best wishes to all, and good luck!

  5. Mark Pallis says:

    THanks very much everyone!

  6. Meredith says:

    I’m hoping against hope that the article in the Sun is wrong! I NEED more Garrow’s Law!

  7. Mrs Silvester says:

    Hi Mark,

    Very saddened and disappointed to hear the news about Garrow’s Law – I can’t quite take it in!

    On a positive note, I received my pre-ordered copy of the DVD today and have just watched the special features documentary of Garrow’s Law Dawn to Dusk – it’s brilliant! Really interesting to see what all the different crew members do, and I’m very pleased you managed to keep the interviews with the extras in too! A very nice and well-edited documentary – it really captures the essence of what Garrow’s Law is like behind the scenes. And Andy and Aidan were their usual charming selves… loved Andy’s hair scrubbing at the end! Haha!

    Well done and all the best!

  8. C. Evans says:

    E-mail sent! There is little enough to watch on television these days without losing Garrow’s Law – one of the only programmes which is both enjoyable as a drama and intellectually stimulationg. For a lover of the 18th Century it is essential! Awaiting the arrival of my copy of the 3rd Series of DVD and distressed at the thought of their being no more! Having read the biography of Garrow, I can see that there is still a great deal of fascinating detail to discover – fingers crossed!

  9. Catherine Stevens says:

    I can hardly believe that the BBC is dropping Garrow’s Law. It is a supreme experience watching every single episode. How can it be dropped to make way for that slushy drama Call the Midwife? We bought the Series 1 2 and 3 to keep us going till Series 4 came out. You can’t do this BBC.

  10. Connie and Chris Smith says:

    Connie and Chris Smith
    March 15, 2012

    We have been engnrossed in this incredible series, Garrow’s Law and after watching series 1 & 2, we eagerly await the next. We live in the U.S. and as a result it may be some time before we can enjoy Series 3. We can’t imagine that the BBC would consider cancelling this creative, intriguing and highly suspenseful series! Please, BBC, we must have a series 4 and a series 5, 6 and 7 for that matter!

  11. Angelica says:

    Does anyone have any updated info concerning Garrow’s law and wether there will be a 4th series or not? please post a comment if you know. I have emailed the bbc and hope that they will take my email into account along with everyone elses. I think that if enough people email then the BBC might be presured into making another series. I hope that there is one as I’m a huge fan!!! please reply if you have any info!!! Angelica

  12. Angelica says:

    Does anyone have any updated info concerning Garrow’s law and wether there will be a 4th series or not? please post a comment if you know. I have emailed the bbc and hope that they will take my email into account along with everyone elses. I think that if enough people email then the BBC might be presured into making another series. I hope that there is one as I’m a huge fan!!! please reply if you have any info!!! Angelica

  13. Ania says:

    Loved Garrow’s Law. Awaiting series 4-8. Then it will have had its run…. perhaps.

  14. Lionel Alberts says:


  15. Jean says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Garrow’s Law. Particularly as it is based on a true character from history. Would love to see another series (4) and many more.

  16. Caroline says:

    Just watched this series in Australia. Honestly the best thing I have seen for ages. I have written the the ABC to try and get them to put it onto prime time – as so good. Really love to get the BBC to make another series as I am sure there are a great deal more cases that would be of interest. I am also interested to see Garrow rise to the bench – which I believe did actually happen.

  17. Rick Marcantonio says:

    Excellent series amidst so much drivel. PLEASE consider going well beyond Series 1-3.

  18. lisa says:

    to the bbc’s ultimate decision maker,

    i write you this from across the sea. i write you this from a land
    void of stories that spring to life from what can only be enjoyed from
    classical literature and the pages directly from historical documents — “garrow’s law” is as such.

    it is as if a novel has been placed down with a marker amongst it’s pages, quietly awaiting its reader to return so life may resume for its characters.

    with great hopes the bbc funds the writing of additional chapters of
    garrow’s life and the life of the people with whom he served.


    del mar, california

    p.s. alistar cook is highly disappointed he missed the telling of this one man’s life — i wonder if he knew of the great man garrow? i did not.

  19. Just found and watched seasons 1-3 of Garrow’s Law. This lawyer, for one. cannot understand why BBC would not produce a season 4 or even more.

  20. J Black says:

    Just watched the last episode of season 3 and immediately went on-line in hopes of finding news of a season 4. I am so disappointed and can’t understand with such a following around the world they would not consider making more series. What is the reasoning behind such a decision I wonder? They believed in it long enough to make 3 series, why not continue? Who are the people making these decisions? are they not accountable to the viewing audience that pay their salaries???!
    J Black
    Victoria, BC, Canada

  21. Pat Abbott says:

    We have just finished watching the 3rd series on DVD as TVNZ do not purchase this series. I would agree with all the above comments, it is an excellent show and deserves a 4th series. hopefully waiting
    P Abbott
    Central Otago
    New Zealand

  22. Don says:

    Please renew the series. I just discovered it this fall, 2012, on Chicago’s PBS and am trying to catch up on the entire series. I am buying the preceding seasons’ broadcasts to give to friends as Christmas gifts.

    Garrow’s Law has such depth that are woefully lacking in others.

    Again, please renew this excellent series.


  23. Adriana SINCLAIR says:

    Ive been waiting patiently for S4 if Garrows Law.
    When will it be airing?
    its a brilliant period full of suspense x

  24. .. Having just wet my lips on series 1 and 2 and knowing series 4 was never commissioned it saddens me greatly…….
    .. How such fine acting and natural realism in this program was left to hang out to dry is somewhat criminal within itself…….
    .. So now I have the pleasure of series 3 to enjoy.. but to dread each minute of them knowing they are the last.. .. a damn shame…….

  25. Kathleen Parsons says:

    This is so entertaining and worth another season. I would find it most interesting to involved Lady Mary in his work with her quick mind and strong will. A woman working behind the scenes which
    would make of some scandal in that time and place.

  26. Jayne Llewelyn says:

    Please put on series 4 of Garrow’s Law. Quality viewing and excellent casting. Andrew Buchan is perfect for the part. I miss everything about this programme. Complete shortsightedness by the BBC not to continue with series 4 then 5 etc..

  27. Susan Chee says:

    Chanced upon Garrow’s Law when surfing through Amazon.UK’s website, bought the 3 series and have throughly enjoyed every episode. They have all been brilliantly scripted and it is sad news indeed that there isn’t going to be a Series 4. BBC…please do reconsider as it isn’t often that there is such an excellent legal drama.

    Susan Chee from Australia

  28. patricia says:

    I just found the program and love it! Come on. It’s never too late to do the right thing.

    Just a thought from across the pond.

    Patricia Cummings-Diaz

  29. Rose Oke says:

    I came across Garrow’s law completely by accident. I was hooked from the very first episode. Not being much of a t.v. watcher I was amazed that this was as good as it is. Now along with other viewers I am requesting that Garrow’s Law Season 4 be produced. Be a good sport and keeping producing something we like to watch! Maybe you have replaced it with something equally entertaining, but that has not been found. Any suggestions?

  30. Rose Oke says:

    I should have said that this request also comes from British Columbia, Canada.

  31. Kevin Barry hall says:

    Please please bring back garrows law the best thing on the television Sundays have never been the same just the same old repeat trash it’s almost as bad as christmas telly without garrow

  32. Helen says:

    The sociological/psychological/financial studies that are viewed by TV programming heads tells them that the low-brow, trashy realities shows are what appeals to the current populace. They assume from the data they collect that quality shows like Garrow’s Law will not prove profitable. Garrow’s Law was an outstanding program with excellent acting and story lines. In the 21st century you will find more and more quality programming being axed and replaced by questionable programs that appeal to fleshly appetites and not to the intellect. For the population who appreciates quality programming we will become more and more disappointed, as well as disenfranchised.

  33. Claudia Champagne says:

    I discovered “Garrow’s Law” through prompts from, suggesting it because of all my British drama purchases. To cure my summertime viewing blues waiting for Downton to return, I’ve been watching all 3 seasons, saving the last episode for tomorrow night because I don’t want it to end!! It’s so wonderful, thought-provoking, enlightening, and entertaining all at the same time. Andrew Buchan is luminous as Garrow. I’d seen him in Cranford and Broadchurch, but they didn’t showcase him like this series. I too wish for a season 4, but at least I will see Andy again in season 2 of Broadchurch, whenever that makes it across the pond.

    From New Orleans in the US

  34. why does the bbc keep getting rid of first class programs. Garrows Law,Paridise,ripper street.
    Why should I pay my tv license these programs are get rid of all the cheap reality programmes which are totally rubbih.

  35. Allyson Talbot says:

    Would very much love to see another series of Garrow.
    Allyson Talbot – Faial Azores

  36. Ann Reeve says:

    Ann Reeve I would love to see another episode of Garrow’s Law it’s the only good thing on TV apart from the new Poldark of course!

  37. Kaniz Siddiqui says:

    It is such a pity that BBC has cancelled, one of their best production.

  38. Trevor Newbould says:

    Just when a series of great quality is on our screens the BBC cancel. Extremely disappointed.

  39. Trevor Newbould says:

    Just when a series of great quality is on our screens the BBC cancel. Extremely disappointed.

  40. FRANSHESKA says:


  41. Ms M McHugh says:

    Would be extremely disappointed if the BBC did not continue with this amazing series, Garrow’law its some of the best series i have seen, come on BBC do your customers a favor and lets have it back

  42. Jane Roesel says:

    Please – please – please BBC, investing in further seasons of GL would be an investment in intelligent entertainment as opposed to the mind-numbing likes of much of the TV fodder available to the masses – full of dysfunctional and foul-mouthed individuals who seem to have little or no ambition to improve themselves or the world they live in. Please reconsider on this one – it is truly one of the best -scripted, best-acted and most entertaining series I have ever seen. Furthermore, it demonstrates beautifully that there are more adjectives available to speakers than the f***-word, that it is possible to look beyond your own backyard full of self-interest, and that history can be made to come alive so vividly and reach out to a wide audience.

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