Inspirations for Episode 1 series three

November 10, 2011

Hi everyone,

Here are my notes on the first episode of series III.  I suggest reading them after you’ve watched the episode, but they’re up now if you can’t wait till then!! 

Andy Buchan on the BBC – link

November 10, 2011

Hi everyone,

For those who missed it, or who live overseas and don’t have access to iplayer, someone has uploaded the clip of Andy Buchan taking about the show on BBC breakfast.


Series III trailer now online!

November 9, 2011

Here it is:  It’s a full five minutes long, but watch out, it contains some spoilers!




Catch the stars on tv and radio this week!

November 7, 2011

Hi everyone,

Thought you might like to know when and where you can catch you fave Garrow stars this week:

Andrew Buchan:

BBC Breakfast (BBC 1) 9th November

Alun Armstrong:

This Morning (ITV1) 11 November

Lyndsey Marshal:

Radio – Entertainment News 11 November

There’s also an interview with me in Jane Austen Regency World Magazine!

If I hear about any more interviews, I’ll let you know.   There’s also lots of stuff coming out in the press this weekend, such as an interview with Rupert Graves in the Daily Mail’s Weekend.


Your questions answered!

October 27, 2011

Hi everyone,

The press screening went well and I was lucky enough to catch a couple of minutes with the lovely Andy Buchan and Lyndsey Marshal.

I asked Andy about his hair extensions (question from Demurely).  He said that it was different this year because he had a clip in hairpiece, whereas last year he had actual extensions, but it still took time to attach it every morning!

Meredith asked about the favourite and least favourite thing about working on the show.  Andy said that one of the highlights for him was watching Aidan McArdle (Silvester) work, and getting to spend time with him in the court scenes.  Meredith also asked about how Andy got on with his convoluted lines. Andy said that after three series now, it gets in your blood and you become really familiar with it.

Judith asked about what items of clothing do the cast like or loathe wearing. I asked Lyndsey this question. Lyndsey said that she loves her corset because it gives her some cleavage ! But she also loathes the corset because it’s such a hassle to put on and it’s so tight, she has to take it off so that she can eat some lunch!

Judith also asked about what Episodes they have enjoyed to date.  For Andy, he said one highlight among many was the Duel scene with Silvester in the first series.  Lyndsey said that for her, the whole of series three has been a highlight – she said that everyone has raised their game and she thinks it’s the best series so far.  Sounds good!

Oh, and finally, Irene asked me to give Andy a hug – I did! It was very enjoyable – thanks to Andy for being a good sport and receiving my hug on your behalf!



William Garrow: Fact and Fiction

October 19, 2011

Here is the full twenty minute version of my documentary about William Garrow and Garrow’s Law as featured in the Garrow’s Law Series II dvd. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks again to Acorn Media for giving permission.

Put your questions to the cast! (via me)

October 5, 2011

Hi everyone,

We have a closed screening of Episode 1 of Garrow’s Law series III in a few weeks. Some of the cast are going to be there – not exactly sure who yet. I’m also going along so …. if anyone has any burning things they’d like to ask anyone in the cast, do post them below and I will endeavour to get  some of them answered for you! I can’t promise that I’ll get to ask them, but I do promise to try!

with best wishes