Put your questions to the cast! (via me)

October 5, 2011

Hi everyone,

We have a closed screening of Episode 1 of Garrow’s Law series III in a few weeks. Some of the cast are going to be there – not exactly sure who yet. I’m also going along so …. if anyone has any burning things they’d like to ask anyone in the cast, do post them below and I will endeavour to get  some of them answered for you! I can’t promise that I’ll get to ask them, but I do promise to try!

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Radio 4 – Old Bailey show

August 23, 2011

Hi everyone,

Just had this very interesting meesage from Mrs Silvester. I am re-posting it below. Thanks to Mrs Silvester for sharing, and I hope everyone enjoys the links (apologies to people in the US, these tend to only work in the UK):

Hi, I’m not sure where would be best to post this, but I recently stumbled across some excellent BBC Radio 4 programmes from a series called “Voices From the Old Bailey” (series 2). Historian Amanda Vickery is looking at 18th century culture through some of the court cases of the time. The programmes focus on riots, the lives of gay men in the 18th century, servants and ordinary people.

The link to listen to all the programmes is:


For each individual programme there are also useful links, including a link to the actual cases on OldBailey Online, and a users guide to using the site. Here is the page with links to the cases discussed in the riot programme:


There is also a blog:


It all makes for very interesting listening and gives an excellent flavour of the times. I think the dramatised recordings of the witness testimonies are great. One of the co-founders of OldBailey Online is a contributor to the first programme, and he sums things up very well at the end. He states that the cases of the Old Bailey give people who otherwise would not be heard (because they could not read or write) a voice, and this allows us to hear them and empathise with them.

Garrow’s Law goes stateside

May 9, 2011


Garrow’s law is currently showing in various parts of America.  Check out the trailer!



Confirmation of a third series?

February 14, 2011

Hi everyone,

Did you read the Guardian today?

“Garrow’s Law, which dramatises 18th-century court cases at the Old Bailey, a surprise hit in 2009, returned for a four-part run in December on BBC1. It won 5 million viewers, in the most competitive Sunday evening slots, and an audience appreciation score of 90%.

This is thanks to Tony Marchant’s vivid scripts and Andrew Buchan’s performance as the eponymous barrister championing the poor, who introduced the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”. The production team argued for a longer third series to milk the Old Bailey archives, but have just heard they have four episodes once again. Criminal!”

Episode 4 – inspirations

December 5, 2010

Hi everyone!

If you want to read about some of the cases which inspired this episode, go to the BBC pages where you can read my notes about the case.

Don’t forget to scroll down or click here to watch an exclusive preview of the special mini-documentary on Garrow that will be available with the DVD of series 2.

And if anyone is thinking of criminal conversation, be warned: “The legislation existed in many U.S. states in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but has been abolished in all but North Carolina, Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico and Utah.” And just this year, someone was awarded damages of £6million. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1259677/Cynthia-Shackelford-sues-mistress-Anne-Lundquist-6m.html#ixzz17Jp7a4Mc

Thanks for watching and hope to see you all again next series.


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Garrow’s House

November 30, 2010

Hi everyone,

If you are in the UK, go to BBC iplayer and listen to the special feature on BBC Radio Kent about William Garrow’s house in Kent.  Start listening at 1hour, 36 mins and 40 seconds

Garrow Mini documentary

November 29, 2010

Morning all,

Here is an exclusive sneak peek at the Documentary that will be included as a bonus feature to the DVD of series 2 of Garrow’s Law:

The full film is 25 minutes’ duration and features clips from the series and also interviews with:

John Hostettler, Author of the first biography to be written about Garrow;

Guy Holborn, The Librarian, Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, who shows us some of the original Garrow documents from the Inn’s archive;

Prof. Tim Hitchcock, Co-Director of Oldbaileyonline.org

Nick Pitt, Producer, Garrow’s Law

Mark Pallis (that’s me!), Story Editor and Legal & Historical Consultant

Damian Wayling, Writer, Garrow’s Law, Episode 4

The film was written and directed by me, and Shot, Edited and Produced  by the fantastic Theoryfilms.co.uk with music produced by star Hollywood composer Patrick Kirst

Episode 3, Inspirations

November 28, 2010

Hi everyone,

My notes on the real cases that inspired this episode of Garrow’s Law is online now here at the BBC website.

In addition to the details, if you want to see Captain Baillie’s original pamplet, it’s online here

The speech that Garrow made in the Baillie case was in fact made by Thomas Erskine.  To read Erskine’s speech in full, click here. In particular, scroll down to page 30 to see the bit about Lord Sandwich, that was so outrageous that it was blanked out!!

Interview with Mark Pallis + recreation of a case

November 22, 2010

A few months ago, I was contacted by some of the children at Sandylands primary school. They were looking into a case (from around Garrow’s period) of two children who were found guilty of stealing and transported to Australia.

They came up to London with their teacher and we spent a very enjoyable morning together in Lincoln’s Inn.  The children asked me some questions about the period and the interview is online on their site.

The site is a really fun thing to have a look at. What I  enjoyed was their re-creation of the trial of young George and Elizabeth.  In addition to all of the actors, they have absolutely fantastic and creative wigs!  Anyway, I think all of the work on the project is fantastic and everyone who took part in it – in front of the camera and behind the scenes – deserves warm congratulations.

Well done Sandylands!

Here is the link


with best wishes


Inspirations Episode 2, continued

November 21, 2010


Hope you enjoyed tonight’s episode.  All the links and text are on the bbc website

For collected documents about the real Captain Jones, and the debate his case caused in society, click here